We serve traditional Southern-Style Barbecue! This means we do not slather on a store bought sauce and cook it on a grill. Instead, our products are rubbed with our special spice mixtures and smoked over hard wood low and slow until they are juicy and tender.

When we serve our BBQ we still don't put the sauce on. This allows you to taste the smokey flavors and decide how you like it best. You can choose your favorite from our 6 home made sauces. Just a hint, some don't add sauce at all, others dunk the BBQ in, and others pour it on. At YinzBurgh BBQ you're in charge!

Vegan & vegetarian dishes are not an afterthought here. BBQ is for the masses regardless of your dietary choices. From the initial concept we planned on having as inclusive a menu as possible. In addition to Smoked Tofu we offer delicious vegetarian & vegan sides to round out the meal.

BBQ Philosophy

At YinzBurgh BBQ our approach can be summed up with the following:

1. Barbecue is a cuisine; BBQ sauce is a condiment.
2. The sauce is always served on the side.
3. The love is in the rub!